What should I bring on a raft?

Remember that you will be on the water for around 4 hours, so plan accordingly. Some common items are: sunscreen, water and snacks, a small ice chest (they fit easily on the raft), sunglasses that either have a leash or that you do not mind losing, a hat or visor, and clothing that can get wet.

Where are you located?

All of our trips meet at our rafting location at Fresno Sportsman’s Club in Fresno, CA.  Check out our directions page for more detailed directions!

What are your dates of operation?

We will be closed for the 2022 season.

How many people fit in a boat? Do I have to share my boat with strangers?

Boats fit up to 8 people, and no you don’t have to share boats with strangers.  Whatever group you bring is the group you go rafting with.  If you have more than 8 people, we just give your group another boat!

What is the class of this river?

This is a class I river.  This is mellow floating on a gorgeous river.  This isn’t whitewater, and it’s not for those looking for an adrenaline rush.   This is for friends and family looking for a relaxing day on the water, where you can eat and drink and swim at your own leisure!

Do I need a reservation?

You sure do! Same day reservations are allowed if space permits, but a lot of weekend dates book out in advance.

What kind of deposit do you need? What about refunds?

Typically we need payment from at least one person to make a reservation, and final payments are usually due 2 weeks before the trip runs.  We do have easy-to-set-up reservation plans for groups that want everyone to pay for themselves online in the same group!

How old do I have to be to go?

You need to be 5 or older to go rafting with Fresno Rafting Co.

Can we bring alcohol?

While there is no formal policy against bringing alcoholic beverages to the San Joaquin River, we personally discourage the use of alcohol in any sort of water-sport setting. Any consumption done on the San Joaquin River while on Fresno Rafting Co. equipment should be done in moderation.

Is there a guide?

There is not. This trip is perfect for beginners to go without a guide. We will have a safety orientation in the morning to teach you how to paddle and stay safe, and then you go down the beautiful river with your group!

What do I wear?

Pretend you are going to the beach, and are going to get into the water at some point. Most participants will get wet at some point on the trip, so be prepared for that. Quick dry clothing is great, as are bathing suits. Shoes should be secured to the foot (flip flops are a bad idea), and sunglasses and a hat are a great idea, but do know that if you fall in in certain areas, you might not see them again!

Do you raft on the Kings River?

Right now, we don’t, for a variety of reason. We highly suggest checking out our pages on Kings River Rafting and the Goodfellow Float if you are wondering why we are focusing on the gorgeous San Joaquin River!