Trip Info

San Joaquin River Rafting Trip

The beautiful Joaquin River has miles and miles of gorgeous riverside scenery! Check-ins for the San Joaquin River float trip are at the North Fresno Sportman’s Club. After checking in at the campground, the trip commences in one of two ways (don’t worry, we handle all of the logistics!):

The river is 1000CFS or below (lower release and planned 2021 flow)

In the case that Friant Dam is releasing a more moderate flow, trips will begin at North Fresno Sportman’s Club, and travel down to Sycamore Island Nature Preserve. Once you check-in, you will immediately be given safety instructions, as well as your equipment, and your trip begins right there at the campground! Trips meander 4 miles down the river to Sycamore Island Preserve. This takes most groups 3-4 hours to complete, depending on how much they stop, splash, and swim around while on the trip! Once you get to Sycamore Island, our team of rafting employees will help you with your equipment, and you can hop on the rafting shuttle back to your cars! Shuttles run every hour on the hour, so try to plan to get to the end point about 15-20 minutes before the 2, 3, 4, or 5 o’ clock shuttles! Regardless of flow, trips take roughly the same amount of time, and both trips are class I, mellow, float trips! Beautiful scenery, relaxing vibes, and good company are what make these trips memorable!

If the river is above 1000CFS (high flow release):

If the Friant Dam release is at a higher level, then after check-in, rafters will board our river shuttle and get transported up to Lost Lake Park! At Lost Lake Park, safety instructions will be given, equipment will be handed out, and your trip will commence! Trips travel 8 miles from Lost Lake back to the North Fresno Sportsman’s Club, and last, for most groups, between 3 and 5 hours, depending on how much you paddle, splash, and swim around during your trip! Small ripples keep things fun, but do remember that this is more of a mellow and scenic, relaxing float trip rather than any kind of whitewater expedition! At the 6 mile mark, customers have access to the Owl Hollow lunch area, where you can stop on river left to take a break, stretch your legs, and have a snack at the picnic tables there. Once you make it back to the North Fresno Sportman’s Club, our team of employees will help you with your equipment, and you can make the short walk back to your car!