Fresno Kayaking

San Joaquin Kayaking Trip

The beautiful Joaquin River has miles and miles of gorgeous riverside scenery! Check-ins for the San Joaquin River kayaking trip are at the North Fresno Sportman’s Club, and kayaking trips follow the same path as our raft rental trips (you can find that itinerary on the trip info page).

This trip is perfect for kayakers of all skill levels ages 10 and up. Kayaking trips take about 30-45 minutes less time to complete than our rafting trips, because although they go the same distance, kayaks are better at cutting through the water, and move at a faster speed. Expect to spend between 2-3 hours on our kayaking trips.

These San Joaquin kayaking trips include kayaking paddles, kayaking life jackets, the two-person kayaks (you need two people to participate for safety reasons), and a shuttle ride back to your car at the end of your trip. The kayaks are inflatable, with wider bases that make for easy navigation and improved stability.

Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call at 559-892-1007 if you have any questions about our kayaking excursions!